TransVac controls infection.

Infection Control

TransVac offers a technologically superior alternative that substantially limits the infection risks associated with soiled linen and waste collection and transport. In fact, dirty linen can harbor significant quantities of microbes, which include potential pathogens. TransVac reduces exposure time to odorous waste and infectious linen by 80% compared with traditional gravity chutes, carts and elevators.

TransVac saves you millions.

Save Millions

Hospitals have a waste problem. And it's huge one. An average occupied bed generates 30 pounds of waste daily. Manual removal processes can cost $20,000-$100,000 in operational expenses monthly. TransVac delivers a cost-effective solution that will save your hospital millions of dollars over the life of the facility.

TransVac best practice.

Best Practice

Hospitals often overlook a prime opportunity to impact their bottom-line through improved trash and soiled linen collection and transport. TransVac's approach provides hospitals with a smart, safe and cost-effective alternative that frees up real estate and keeps your hospital cleaner with fewer resources.

TransVac expertise.

Proven Expertise

We're installed in many of the world's leading hospitals and are known for our innovation and implementation within large, complex facilities. For over 40 years TransVac has continuously redefined trash and soiled linen removal; we deliver state-of-the-art technology, proven delivery services and industry-leading design capabilities.